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      Electrical Leads

      Welcome to, where you can browse through the site to find all the electrical lead resources, electrical supplies and stores around. Electrical Leads, used to conduct current to and from a device, are known to be very dangerous, especially if your extension leads and the leads for your appliance are constantly being moved around and encounter much wear and tear.

      If you need electrical leads, it is very dangerous to make them yourself. Electricians are the best people to construct electrical leads. The way electrical leads are constructed is usually by isolating the wafer by putting on a dielectric layer before the lead formation. The masking layer is then applied, followed by the metal layer, which is applied using physical vapour deposition (PVD). The masking layer is dissolved to allow the unwanted metal to lift off and leave the desired electrical lead structure.

      When any damage to your electrical leads become visible, the appliance it is connected to may still work but it could be very unsafe, so it is a good idea to check your leads regularly. If there are any problems, it is a sensible idea to employ a qualified electrician who knows about the dangers of electricity and can safely operate on, replace or repair your electrical leads.

      Before they do, qualified electricians should check their electrical test leads before they begin to connect their test tools to electrical circuits. Electrical test leads are important as testing your test leads helps to ensure better electrical measurement safety. You can have a look through our online search directory for more information today.

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